everything i sell here is for legal use only ✨

if you have other questions feel free to use the contact page here or DM me on instagram!

are they made of resin?
all the pipes & jars are made of glass and decorated using resin on the outside only. they're functional and safe to use– i do not put resin on the bowl or stem or inside the piece :) 

are they real flowers?
yes! all flowers and leaves i use in my art are real pressed plants

does it come with the bowl/stem?
yes, even if they aren't pictured with them

how long until my order gets shipped?

please allow up to 2 weeks processing time, though most will be sent out quicker than that! you will get an email with the tracking number when your order is shipped 

do you ship internationally?
yep! my art is in the US, Canada, England, & Australia! To confirm prices, DM me on instagram before ordering internationally :)

do you do wholesale?
i haven't yet but i would love to! message me on instagram or email me with any inquiries